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I don’t think of myself as lazy. So when I was reading a parable in Matthew this morning, I was struck by the master’s response to the slave who had buried his talent. The master said, “You wicked, lazy slave…”  Matthew 25:26

What was the slave’s excuse for not using the master’s talent?

He said, “I was afraid… ”

I am afraid, too – afraid to go all in, afraid of failure, afraid to pursue my God-given dream of full-time women’s ministry, afraid to boldly pursue speaking opportunities.

Fear paralyzes.  Fear causes us to do nothing. Fear leads to laziness.

So how do we address this fear?  We do something!  Something is better than nothing!

Paul told Timothy to get busy- to be disciplined and use his gift.  In so doing, he would demonstrate that the spirit from God is one of power, love and discipline.  2 Timothy 1:6-7

So today I choose to go all in.  Today I choose to be disciplined and do the work.  I want to hear the Master say to me, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

How about you?  Where do you need to exercise discipline over fear?