I have loved ones who do not enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus. I have shared the good news with them – the news that Jesus came to reconcile every person to Himself by paying the ransom for all sin on the cross; the good news that Jesus wants to have a personal vibrant ongoing relationship with them. The good news that faith is the only thing required to enter into such a relationship.  I Timothy 2:3-6

But sadly, they do not believe it.  And I want them to believe it so badly. Sometimes I’m afraid they will never believe it. And that’s where faith comes into play.

First and foremost, I choose to believe that God loves my loved ones – even more than I do. Secondly, I choose to believe that God is eager to reach them – even more than I am. Thirdly, I choose to believe that God is able to reach them – because only He can.

God encourages us by giving us the apostle Paul as a demonstration of His perfect patience with those who are not yet believers.  When the time was right, God reached out and grabbed Paul. And Paul saw the light. Paul went from being a blasphemer to being a believer.  He went from being a persecutor to being a preacher. I Timothy 1:15-16

So keep on praying for your loved ones.  Keep on trusting God to reach them as only He can.  If you’ve already shared the truth with themfile000551198693 (1), shut up and love them as Christ has loved you. Trust God to reach them in His own time and in His own way.  Take hope in the fact that God is able to do abundantly above all we ask or think.