How do we pass on our faith to our children and grandchildren?

As Moms and Grandmas, we want our children to be successful and have meaningful lives.  How do we define success?  How do we define a meaningful life?  1 Timothy 6:17-19 sheds some light on these very important questions. We take hold of real life when we store up treasure in heaven; when we live for things that are eternal; when we live for God and fulfill His unique purpose for our life.  Matthew 6:19-24 

Passing on your faith is so important but it doesn’t depend entirely on you.  You can’t make your children believe.  But you can show them your faith in action.

First, nurture your own relationship with Jesus.  Kindle your own spiritual gift that God gave you when you believed in Him.  By doing so, your faith will remain alive and vibrant.  And your children will see you live out your faith day by day.  This is more powerful than anything you will ever say!

Second, teach your child the Word of God as you go about your day.  Watch for opportunities to share truths about God in a very natural but purposeful way.  Be diligent!

Third, pray for each one of your children.  Pray that they will be receptive to the truth of God’s Word.  Remember you can teach them, but ONLY God can reach them.  

file000507447844Let me encourage you, dear Mom or Grandma, if you have a child or grandchild that has not embraced the idea of faith alone in Christ alone for salvation.  Don’t give up! Keep on loving them unconditionally.  Don’t be a preaching mom, cramming the truth down their throat.  Instead, be a loving praying mom. Pray for special opportunities to share what God is doing in your life. Trust God to reach them!