Do you have someone who encourages you, someone who helps you be strong in faith?

Paul was eager to get to Rome for some encouragement.

“For I long to see you…that you may be established; that I may be encouraged together with you while among you, each of us by the other’s faith, both yours and mine.”  Romans 1:11-12

We all need encouragement.  When we share how we are learning to trust God, we encourage each other. We help each other become more established in faith.

I received such a special Facebook message from a dear friend last night.  She said, “I know Jesus encourages me but could you please encourage me occasionally?”  My response, “Absolutely!”  I wanted to run right over to her house and give her a hug but I knew we were both already in our jammies and ready for bed.

Look for oppDSCN8260ortunities today to encourage someone. Share a bit of your own faith walk.  It will encourage them.  It will encourage you.