For Pilate knew that because of envy the chief priests and elders had handed Jesus over. Matthew 27:18

  • Envious people plot to destroy others – Matthew 27:1
  • Envious people twist and bend the truth – Matthew 26:61-66
  • Envious people are accusatory – Matthew 27:11-14
  • Envious people make bad choices – Matthew 27:21
  • Envious people do not listen to the voice of reason – Matthew 27:23

For where Jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing. James 3:16

Envy is evil.  Envy wants what someone else has.  Envy is earthly, natural, demonic. James 3:13-15


With a burning desire to speak to women about the things God has laid on my heart, I often find myself battling envy.  I see others doing what I want to do -speaking to women and having impact for God – and if I’m not alert, envy quickly fills my heart, followed by discouragement and doubt.  Envy is destructive.

Envy must be dealt with quickly.  James 4 and I Peter 2 tell us how to deal with envy. Envy must be put aside quickly.  Have nothing to do with it!  Get rid of it!

  1. Admit that you are envious.
  2. Agree with God that envy is evil.
  3. Humble yourself before your God.
  4. Surrender your selfish-ambition.
  5. Thank God for His plan for you.
  6. Thank God for His plan for others.
  7. Ask God for His help in this area.

God gives grace to the humble.  James 4:6

Envy erupts so easily within us. We can even envy things that are wonderful in and of themselves. Our eyes look at others and we want what they have and we want it now! This is another reason we must keep our eyes on Jesus.  He will give us what He wants us to have and He will give it to us when He wants us to have it.  Can we trust that He knows best?