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Because I love hearing what little ones are thinking, I asked my little group of 3-5 year olds what they knew about Jesus.  I barely got the question out of my mouth, when little Aliyah said rather loudly and proudly, “Not much!”


If I asked you what you know about Jesus, what would you say?  Would you list off what you know or would you admit that you don’t know much and have much more to learn?

What if I asked you a different question?  What if I asked you how much grace and peace you are experiencing today?

Do you know that knowledge is directly correlated to the amount of grace and peace in your life?  2 Peter 1:2 explains that our knowledge of God & Jesus multiplies our grace and peace.  The word ‘knowledge’ in this verse is not merely factual knowledge.  It is experiential knowledge.  It is knowledge that is put to use.  It is knowledge that is acted upon.

  • Mere head knowledge produces arrogance.  1 Corinthians 8:1
  • Experiential knowledge produces love.  2 Peter 1:7

We could easily spend a week looking at the first eleven verses of 2 Peter to see how this experiential knowledge unfolds in our daily lives.  Peter explains it so clearly.  Peter, the one who denied Christ, learned how to do life with Jesus.  And he wanted to be sure others knew how to do the same before he died.   2 Peter 1:14

We only choose to do life with Jesus when we realize we ‘don’t know’.  Today, acknowledge you ‘don’t know’. Choose to spend some time learning from God’s word and then put it into practice.  Your life will be richer for it.

Do life with Jesus today!