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I thought my husband’s t-shirts were bright white until I bought some new ones. When I held the t-shirts up side-by-side, it was easy to see which ones were truly white.

t-shirt-1271443_1280I just attended a Christian conference with a group of ladies from my church. As I listened to the speakers, I felt disappointed. While some things the speakers said were awesome, other things were downright awful. I didn’t want to be critical. I wanted everything to be great.  But critical thinking is not optional – especially in the world we live in today.

Acts 17:11 tells us about a group of people who lived in Berea who eagerly listened to the apostles. After they finished listening, they spent time examining the Scriptures to see if the apostles’ teaching agreed with the Scriptures. The Bible calls these people noble-minded. They were eager and willing to learn. They were open-minded.

I want you to be noble-minded. I want you to be eager and willing to learn. I want you to be open minded. I want you to examine the Bible to see if what you have accepted as ‘truth’ is actually true. I want you to have critical thinking.

Every day you are bombarded with ‘truth’.  ‘Truth’ comes in many forms from many sources – people with power and authority, experts,TV, family, friends, social media, research, books and the list goes on and on.  But is their ‘truth’ true?

Just because ‘truth’ comes from someone with good intentions doesn’t mean it is good or true.

The only reliable standard of truth that never changes is God’s Word.  Hold up your ‘truth’ to the light of God’s Word and see how it compares. Does it still look  true?

Critical thinking matters because your ‘truth’ will determine how you do life.