A new year!

In the summer of 2013, my heart raced and my breathing sped up when the Lord spoke to my heart and said,  “Dale, I want you in full time ministry.  I don’t want you to be entangled in everyday affairs.” 2 Timothy 2:4

Stunned and perplexed, I have spent the last year and a half pondering this calling. And the Lord has spent the last year and half purifying my faith in Him.  Do I really trust Him?  Do I trust His plan for my life? Do I trust His provision? Do I trust Him enough to let go of my current situation to follow His leading?

One thing I know – the Lord loves faith.  When we trust Him, it pleases Him. Hebrews 11:6

We do not know what 2015 will bring, but we do know Who we can trust!

Do you want 2015 to be your best year yet?  Spend each day learning to trust God.

Yes, the very best thing I can say about myself is “I’m learning to trust God TODAY!”