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The best thing I can say about myself is, “I’m learning to trust God today.”

Every day is a faith walk!  This is how God intends it to be.

If you’re like me, you may find yourself longing for just one day without concerns, difficulties and struggles.  This day will come but not until we see Jesus face to face.

Difficulties encourage us to fix our eyes on Jesus instead of trying to do life without Him.  It is for this very personal relationship that Jesus died.

What do we know about faith?

  • Our relationship with God begins with faith – faith in Christ alone.
  • Our relationship with God continues and grows by faith – faith in Christ alone.
  • Faith pleases God.
  • Faith is a fight – a good fight.

Jesus is the author and perfecter of faith.  He walked by faith when He endured the cross for us, giving us an example of faith in action.  He kept His eyes on His Heavenly Father. Hebrews 12:2

Are you facing a difficult situation today? Is someone you love in trouble? Are you in the midst of change?  Are you feeling anxious?  Are you afraid?

Fix your eyes on Jesus! He is willing and eager to help you. Put your faith in Him – not in your own strength, not in your circumstances, not in your bank accounts, not in other people – but in Him alone. Fight the good fight of faith!

I am fighting the good fight of faith.

  • I have walked away from my career as a CPA to follow God’s call on my life.
  • I am trusting God to guide me.
  • I am trusting God to provide opportunities of service.
  • I am trusting God with my future.
  • I am fixing my eyes on Him.

file000551198693 (1)Faith is assurance of the unseen! Hebrews 11:1