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Being a third person in a conversation often provides a unique opportunity for building.  A friend calls to talk because she has been hurt by someone else you both know. How will you respond?  Will you help build a bridge or help construct a wall?

Paul helped build a bridge between Philemon and Onesimus.  Onesimus, a run away slave, had clearly wronged Philemon, his master.  Yet, Paul stepped in to help the two reconcile.

Building a bridge:

  • Reconciliation acknowledges the problem.
  • Reconciliation offers a solution.
  • Reconciliation involves forgiveness.
  • Reconciliation involves being willing to change your mind about someone.
  • Reconciliation is a choice.

Building a wall:

  • Separation replays the problem.
  • Separation offers no solution.
  • Separation refuses to forgive.
  • Separation permanently nails the offense to the other person.
  • Separation is a choice.

God chose reconciliation.  He built a bridge between Himself and you.  That bridge is Christ.

Choose reconciliation.  Bridges will take your further!

Philemon, 2 Corinthians 5:14-21