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My friend gave me and my husband some special chocolate with crushed pretzels in it. She gave it to us in December and I saved it.  But when my husband started eating it, I wasn’t about to let him get ahead of me.  So we ate it last week and it was delightful!

My husband bought me a pair of Uggs for my birthday early in December.  They make me feel rich.  I still have yet to wear them outside.

I don’t save ordinary every day things.

But special things are another story. I saved our chocolate because I knew that once we ate it, it would be gone.  I haven’t worn my Uggs because I don’t want to get them dirty. I want them to stay like new.

But the best thing being saved for me is not what I am saving!  It is what God is saving for me!

It is my inheritance in Christ! It can never be depleted. It will never be ruined. It will never get dirty. It will never fade. It will always be like new, full of God’s glory!  I Peter 1 :4

And perhaps even more importantly, God is protecting me by His power until I reach heaven.  He will see to it that I receive my inheritance in Him!  I Peter 1:5

And that is just one reason why I love Him, believe in Him and rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory! I Peter 1:8